Practical & immediately actionable plans

There are no “what if’s”, “how do we’s” or “what nexts”. Our plans show you exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. You can start getting it actioned that afternoon.

Never work with product concepts

Get one or two components wrong and a great idea is often prematurely killed. Create a nice visual and an average idea can be over rated. Our unique client workshops and stimulus give consumers the tools to build highly successful product concepts for you.

Enabling consumers to be creative problem solvers

We do not use consumers as judge and jury of ideas. Instead we know how to get consumers to work hard for you and build you highly workable solutions. And we do it with your everyday consumers, not specially selected creative ones.

Stimulus designed to break through the autopilot

We have learnt over the past 10 years how to build stimulus material that accesses consumers subconscious brain and helps them understand their own thought processes. This enables them to really think around a problem.

All ex senior clients – no juniors

The senior brains you meet at the start of a project are the people that stay with you throughout. We do not have project managers or juniors. We prize the quality of our  thinking above all else.

We don’t use researchers

Knowing the right questions to ask is half the battle, but we are not researchers. We are brand strategists that apply creative, agile thinking abilities and tools to working with consumers. Many of us are ex senior marketers or innovation managers from large multinationals. 

Understanding what creatives and agencies need

We have all worked as planners within agencies so we know the information creatives need to do a brilliant job for you. Not only do we inspire, but also give the tools to ensure that the original idea stays on track throughout development and execution.

Stakeholders co-create solutions  

Stakeholders don’t create concepts at our workshops. Instead we get them to see and think of all the possible questions and all the possible answers. It creates great engagement and buy in. Plus no-one gets wedded to an idea or solution too early.