Ferreting out rich insight – fuelling ideation

The quality of ideas is dependent on the fuel that feeds it. Creating insight platforms based on past research and using these as a basis for ideation is flawed. So we work with your consumers to uncover their irritations and annoyances to enable us to build our ideation workshops around solving these bespoke problems.

Uncovering real market gaps

Many innovation projects are led by current business capabilities or brand generated ideas. To find true new market opportunities we dive in without any preconceived agenda and with one aim; to uncover what consumers don’t yet know that they want or need. This enables us to generate category breaking and category creating innovations

Stretching brands into new territories

We find new and unexpected places to take your brand; that create new usage occasions or will put your brand in the hands of new consumer segments. We work with consumers to chart the journey and detail the stepping stones to get there. Our innovations are designed to build & strengthen brand equity.

Identifying the best ideas

Businesses are not short of ideas. Often they have too many. The problem is working out which ones to invest in. Conventional research doesn’t take account of people not liking change or straying too far from the norm. Our innovation methodology does.

Building concepts that stand up to rigorous testing

Our unique methodology helps consumers to identify the key success factors up front and build product concepts that fly through benchmarking. We identify the words that explain and the imagery that engages. And we put an end to the premature killing of good ideas.

Getting a failed concept working

Committed to launch but the concept has researched badly? Or, it’s launched and should be selling but it isn’t. We will take these failed innovation concepts and work with consumers to tweak, twist and mould them for success, often within tight constraints.

Building inventive solutions

By probing data, people and marketplaces; poking at preconceptions and assumptions; and seeking out new angles and connections. Our creative and subversive thinking is second to none. We love building innovations that are going to upset your competition.

Creating strong stakeholder engagement

One of the main reasons an innovation idea fails or never makes it to market is that people don’t buy the idea internally. We want our ideas to launch so we help you to avoid the pitfalls and ensure smooth stakeholder alignment.

Insight Hunting For Innovation

Idea Potential & Weeding

New Brand

Concept Optimisation Pre Quant. Testing

Innovation Strategy & Pipeline Development

Identifying Untapped Market Opportunities

Product Concept Building


Brand Stretch Parameters & Opportunities