We are a strategic brand innovation consultancy

known for its provocative and inspirational thinking around:-

  • Opportunity hunting - disrupting categories, opening up new markets, consumers & occasions
  • Proposition development for existing and new products & services
  • Brand repositioning for brand stretch
  • Brand vision & innovation strategy to future-proof brands

Is your approach to innovation fatally flawed?

Innovation is the life blood of future brand health. Yet there are a lot of tensions to be managed around potential brand dilution versus extending into new brand territories to deliver growth. Innovation is not easy and the failure rates are high.

We believe that how businesses build and test brand innovations is inherently flawed. Yet companies keep employing the same thinking over and over again. We have identified what is going wrong and built an approach that guarantees the creation of strong brand equity strategies and immensely persuasive innovations.

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Need some brand acceleration?

By provocatively exploring your category with consumers from novel and varied perspectives we dig out the unmet needs and unresolved problems needed to gain a serious competitive advantage.

Our different approach creates ingenious strategic solutions, based in feasible reality and backed up with an unrivalled amount and depth of consumer understanding. We will build you a solid business case for your brand innovation alongside providing detailed executional guidance so you can get moving at break neck speed.

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Over the past 6 years we have created

Enhanced brand equity & future proofing for
international brands
innovation propositions
market opportunities
different countries

of the NPD concepts built using our unique innovation tools and proprietary IP, when validated in concept screeners or volumetric testing, have ranked in the top