We are a brand innovation consultancy that specialises in opportunity hunting and proposition development – and nothing else!

Want to improve your innovation success rates?

With statistics of a 70% failure rate for newly launched innovations we believe that how businesses build and test innovation concepts is inherently flawed.

Yet companies keep employing the same approach over and over again.

We have identified what is going wrong and built an approach that guarantees immensely persuasive NPD ideas are built from the start.

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Need to speed up your innovation process?

We are fast thinkers and doers. Projects are completed in 5-6 weeks. Our different approach delivers:-

  • Ingenious competitive solutions
  • Backed up by an unrivalled amount and depth of consumer insight
  • Conveyed through highly visual and clear executional guidance for NPD implementation

There are no ifs, buts or whys; negating the need to refine and question with further rounds of costly and time consuming research

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Over the past 4 years we have created

innovation propositions
market opportunities
international brands
different countries

of the NPD concepts built using our unique innovation tools and proprietary IP, when validated in concept screeners or volumetric testing, have ranked in the top