Whether it is digging for new opportunities, generating ideas or working with consumers, The Strategy Distillery is a brand innovation consultancy that dances to a different beat


  • Establishing Untapped Market Opportunities
  • Innovation Platform Identification
  • New Business Models & Revenue Streams
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Stretch
  • War Gaming

Idea Generation

  • Idea Bank Creation
  • Claims & Demos
  • Naming
  • Concept Writing & Refining
  • 3-5 day Innovation Sprints

Idea Development

  • Proposition Development
  • Concept Optimisation
  • Packaging & Product Success Parameters
  • Emotional & Semiotic Positioning
  • Go To Market Strategy

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Innovation Best Practice

Why So Many Innovative Ideas Fail In Research

Two characteristics of human nature that mean the most innovative ideas in consumer research often get rejected.

New Business Models

3 Ways To Join The Direct-To-Consumer Subscription Revolution

Brands like Dollar Shave Club and Hello Fresh are winning with it, but can a direct-to-consumer subscription work for your brand?

The Strategy Distillery in a nutshell

Looking For A Fresh Approach?

Founded by ex-blue chip FMCG marketeers who were frustrated with the high innovation failure rates in the businesses they worked in; The Strategy Distillery’s mission has been to uncover the fundamental causes of what is going wrong. And we have developed tools, methodologies and quick wins to avoid and fight these saboteurs of innovation success.

Need Faster, De-Risked Innovations?

Our different approach creates large and small ingenious solutions that are always based in feasible business reality. Often we bring in consumers as part of the team to deliver an unrivalled depth of consumer understanding about the innovation challenge and how to solve it.

The result is a dramatic increase in success rates, saving clients time and money whilst also de-risking the innovation process. And it has been repeatedly proven across market categories and different cultures, from China to the USA, banking to skincare.

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