Our approach

We have created, tested and refined a unique approach to front end innovation. It is built on our 8 core principles, designed to tackle the main contributors of poor innovation success rates head on.

Concepts are outdated

Construction of an innovation concept requires somewhere in the region of 10-12 assumptions to be made. Get one or two components wrong and a great idea is often prematurely killed. Create a nice visual and an average idea can be overrated.

We believe in deconstruction – breaking an idea down into its constituent parts and optimising those first. Only then can concepts be used for their intended purpose...a tool to predict and measure potential.

Want to find ideas that will upset your competition?

Everyone at The Strategy Distillery is highly trained in divergent and creative thinking techniques. It enables us to disrupt established patterns of thought and create fresh hypotheses around where the answers may lie.

By provocatively exploring your category with consumers from novel and varied perspectives we dig out the unforeseen connections needed to gain a serious competitive advantage.

Innovation tools - to get inside peoples’ heads

Our unique innovation tools and proprietary IP are built on a blend of principles from psychology, neuroscience, design thinking and behavioural economics.

It helps people understand their own subconscious thought processes and discover what they really think and do, not what they say they do.

Through gamification and provocation we glean deeper consumer insight into an average of 2000 acts of decision making, trade offs and future visioning.

To our knowledge we’re the only agency globally to use gamification offline and qualitatively.

Do you like to burn rubber? We do...

Clients tell us that they are always amazed at how we manage to simplify complex issues and find clever solutions so quickly. Give us a nicely tangled and seemingly insurmountable innovation challenge and we will deliver - from within as little as 24 hours up to 5-6 weeks.

We pride ourselves on our consumer validated action plans. They show you exactly what needs to be done, why it needs to be done and how to do it so you can start making the idea happen straight away.

Can everyday consumers creatively problem solve? Yes!

Over the past 12 years we have developed a unique innovation insight methodology which involves creating 60-100 pieces of bespoke stimulus material for your brand challenge.

Our approach enables consumers to be more creative and really think around your problem. They are not used as judge and jury of ideas. Instead we know how to get them to work really hard for you, coaching them to build highly inventive and workable solutions.

And we do it with your everyday consumers, not specially selected creative ’1%ers’.

Lets get realistic... need some quick win innovations?

The majority of brand innovations do not take the form of long term R&D development. Instead you may need to:-

  • Quickly react to a competitive launch
  • Re-use or modify under utilised assets
  • Create products that require low capex investment

Our approach is to find lots of novel and clever little solutions that when brought together can make a quick win innovation highly successful and even category disrupting.

Is stakeholder engagement one of your biggest innovation challenges?

When you walk into a Strategy Distillery workshop the room is full of inspiration and thought provocation. And we employ divergent thinking techniques to enable everyone to see and think of all the possible questions and all the possible answers. The result is great commitment and buy-in, as:-

  • No stone is left unturned
  • Its apparent that are there lots of potential solutions rather than one right one
  • No-one gets wedded to an idea too early

We also use the power of visuals to ignite passion, enable people to see what could be and project clarity of thought. Not only does it help the sell-in, it can also ensure that an innovation stays on track right through to launch.

Tired of being palmed off with juniors?

The senior brains you meet at the start of a project or pitch with us are the people that stay with you throughout. We do not have juniors as we prize the quality of our thinking above all else.

Most of us are ex senior marketers or innovation managers from large multinationals who together have launched well over 200 innovations.