Our proprietary tools


Mapping and building of opportunities, brand features and conceptual ideas with consumers

Humans dislike change. We are hard-wired to choose the path of least resistance. The problem is, this often results in choosing the most comfortable options. And that, in turn, compromises the future-proofing of a brand.

Testing concepts in focus groups or via online screeners exacerbate these cognitive biases. They also force consumers to choose the “best” solution (or parts of) rather than empower them to create an even better one.

We work with consumers one-on-one, either face-to-face or virtually. This way we visually gamify every question we pose to get to the subconscious – and circumnavigate the self-policing. It reveals what consumers really think and do… not what they say they do.

Through projective techniques, we open their minds and wrestle with new possibilities – and how to make them realistic and desirable. We witness an average of 2,000 acts of decision making, trade-offs and future visioning in every project.

We explore your category with consumers from novel and varied perspectives. This enables us to reveal the unforeseen connections needed to gain a serious competitive advantage. The process also provides lots of details that help protect an idea during the go-to-market phase…