Our proprietary tools


Divergent stakeholder workshops

Standard innovation workshops or innovation sprints typically involve generating and judging ideas. However, this approach is flawed due to Herd Affect and the Not Normal Bias. It creates blind spots. It forces assumptions. And leads to many missed opportunities…

We never construct concepts in workshops or sprints as doing this requires making somewhere in the region of 10-12 assumptions per concept. Get one or two components wrong and a great idea is often prematurely killed by consumers. Create a nice visual and an average idea can be over-rated.

We believe that concepts are an out-dated innovation tool and severely inhibit forward thinking innovations.

With Ignites, you walk into a room already covered in deconstructed inspiration, ideas and hypotheses – instead of blank walls waiting for ideas. Our workshops and sprints are designed to make people work in a divergent way and draw on critical thinking – using the power of visuals to ignite connections and creativity.

We also get our workshop and sprint teams to build proxy prototypes of potential ideas. The end goal is to have lots of stimuli and set clear parameters. These let consumers dissect, play and build viable solutions within just a few days. Or sometimes, literally within hours.

The result is that all the previously unseen angles are revealed. Nascent category ideas are generated. And because no stone is left unturned, our workshops and sprints create great commitment and buy-in. Stakeholders become fired-up about the possibilities of what “could be”.