Our proprietary tools


Gamified opportunity and concept building IP

Most market research techniques for innovation rely on consumers knowing their own minds. And understanding what they do and don’t want. But the reality is that consumers don’t often know themselves as well as they might think. They need help to draw out their true beliefs, alongside any inconsistencies and contradictions. Unfortunately, traditional concept stimulus is designed to seduce and sell to the consumer. So it doesn’t help weed out the flaws and holes – or how to overcome them.

Because of this, marketers are often left feeling as though they are stuck in ‘Groundhog Day’. They hear the same old consumer insights time and time again. And never feel like they can make any significant breakthroughs.

There is a better way, of course. The route to deep consumer insight is through creating the right medium for people to engage with. To answer this, we developed our PROTOGAMING IP which involves visual game play. We work with consumers one-on-one – either face-to-face or virtually – in a deconstructed way. That means we use between 200-400 pieces of bespoke visual game stimulus to enable people to interact and think intensely about a problem, instead of responding to pre-set solutions.

And because the consumer is hell-bent on completing the game, they end up sharing all their “internal workings”. This provides a huge amount of additional context, insight and fuel for downstream strategy development… and guidance for execution.