One Brave Innovation That Smashes Category Norms

We picked up this brave innovation recently, whilst working on a project in Russia, and it really inspired us.

It made us wonder how many companies would be brave enough to launch something this radical, especially in a category that has long been established, with minimal innovation or change over the years.

R.O.C.S. is a toothpaste which can wake you up while you brush. This energy toothpaste contains taurine, which in scientific terms, is a chemical your brain lacks when you are tired. It’s produced naturally in the body and found in things like meat and fish. This toothpaste claims to deliver “cheerfulness and energy” in the morning.

Many people simply cannot function in the morning until they have their injection of caffeine, usually in the form of a cup of tea or coffee hitting their lips. So instead you could get tiny bursts of energy in your mouth after brushing your teeth. Probably best to be avoided at bed time though!

energy chocolate bars and chewing gum with added energy

Will it be an easily embraced category breakthrough, or will it be doomed as consumers can’t quite get their heads around it…yet? It would seem that energising products are making a gradual shift from drinks into other categories such as food and personal care.

caffeinated after shave

R.O.C.S. could be spot on trend and end up creating a total new sub-category within toothpaste. You never know.

So what can we learn from this? Well, we always investigate what benefits would be non-conventional for a category that you could steal from other categories. It sounds too simple but it can truly smash the boundaries and current thinking. Often brave innovations are not totally new technologies. Instead they are reapplications of something that was sitting right under peoples’ noses but they were too blinkered by convention to see it!