Research Debriefs Should Be Co-Created

We are always looking for new ways to make our research debriefs action orientated and pack a punch. To us it is often the pinnacle of a project; the high point. It is where the reality of the strategy comes alive, in a way that people know exactly what to do with it next. So we give it extra attention to ensure that the audience leaves really excited and itching to get started on implementation.

This article from Research-live is great at highlighting five different angles to help rev up a research debrief presentation.

However, we would have added a sixth angle. We try to get a run through with our immediate client contact a few days before the research debrief meeting.The benefit of this is that the debrief findings and its implications can be pitched in the most effective manner to the business. Any sensitivities can be managed and the new customer insights be given the emphasis they deserve.

It’s about tailoring a research debrief to maximise its impact and engagement. And the best way to do this is by co-creating with client input.