Innovative Fixture Placement Breaks The Autopilot

In Tesco Metro during the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 they had what they called the “Football Carnival” fixture. But glaringly amongst the usual multipacks of lager and share bags of tortillas was branded cappuccino sachets. I was most discombobulated; I couldn’t work out the logic of the product placement. My autopilot was disrupted.

Then I read Sam Elison’s “The First World Cup for Women” article in the Grocer* about the subtle, female-friendly marketing of this year’s world cup – where she cites some thought provoking examples. It was food for thought with regards to this innovative fixture placement. Though it still feels like a really bold move. So here’s some of our theories on what’s behind this unusual placement. Anyone fancy one last world cup sweepstake?

  • A smart caffeine hit for the late game viewers?
  • An indulgent treat for the long-suffering women at the fixture buying the refreshments, but not that interested in the sporting action?
  • Tesco have some insight that a significant number of football fans don’t want lager or Coca Cola (god forbid!)?
  • Or insight that says cappuccino is a family friendly ‘TV event’ beverage…even in the middle of summer?

Perhaps it’s all or some of the above, either way, someone somewhere is thinking innovatively when it comes to fixture placement, and that, we like to see. Sometimes it is important to remember that innovation comes in lots of guises.