Focusing On Product Innovation Stifles Ideas

People tend to think that great NPD is all about changing the actual product but this can blind you to a wealth of innovation opportunity. Take this great new product that proves the case. Pip & Nut is a new natural brand of nut butters, with peanut, almond and coconut almond flavours. There isn’t anything terribly new and different about the actual butter products – they are natural with no refined sugar, palm oil or additives. This is the same as Meridian and Whole Earth but Meridian is also organic. The real breakthrough with this innovation, is its positioning and structure. It’s these aspects that give it so much potential and set it apart:

It’s positioning is a carefully balanced middle ground between everyday popular brands, such as Sun-Pat and super healthy nut butters, like Meridian and Whole Earth. This gives it a positioning of a slightly premium, healthy nut butter, but it remains much more accessible and everyday than Meridian or Whole Earth which both look quite worthy by comparison.

Range of Peanut Butter Brands

Pip & Nut’s pack structure smashes category norms. It still has the standard jar, but it is also planning to introduce a sachet format. This format will potentially be a game changer. Pip & Nut’s aim is to enable nut butters to come out of the breakfast occasion and move into on the go occasions such as pre, during or post exercise, mid morning or afternoon snack and lunchbox to name a few. This new format makes this goal seem very possible and, if successful, will fundamentally change the nut butter category.

Finally, Pip & Nut is bang on trend with a healthy, natural nut offering. Consumers are increasingly demanding healthier snacking options and this has benefited nut and seed snacks in particular. A tasty, easy to consume, on the go nut snack should perform strongly in this environment, especially given the positioning and pack structure.

pip and nut packets of nutsSo, Pip & Nut shows that product isn’t necessarily the be all and end all of innovation. It is not healthy or good innovation practice to be so product innovation focused. If you think outside the box in terms of positioning, structure and occasion you can get to a potentially ground breaking NPD too.