Innovation That Kills Two Birds With One Stone

Finding the time to exercise can be a nightmare in our modern, urban world. People spend so much time during the week commuting and working. You can’t really blame them for heavily sighing at the thought of fitting in exercise at either end of an already very long day.

Clever brands such as 1Rebel are killing two birds with one stone, so to speak, by combining your morning commute with a fitness class. James Balfour, founder of 1Rebel says; “It’s a great way to create more efficiency in people’s routines by transforming their commute”.

The buses will travel from four pick-up points in London and finish up in a fitness studio in the City where commuters can pop in for a shower and smoothie before making their onward journey to work.

Its launch is mooted to be imminent, so fitness fanatic Londoners should keep their eyes peeled.

BikeBus in Boston, USA is a similar concept.

The inside of a bus that has had all the seats removed and exercise bikes put in. There are two neon strip lights on the ceiling, one blue and one green. By the bus windows are wicker baskets with white towels in.

If you remove yourself from your “world as you know it” for just a moment, like these gym brands have, a world of possibility could open up for innovation.

A different approach to understanding your consumer

Getting a deep understanding of all of the unfilled and frustrating times in your consumer’s day is a pretty good place to start looking for clues on where you could take your brand next.

Many companies and brands stay ruthlessly focused on opportunity gaps within their known or established categories. This is great, and we would always advocate that this should be the first place to un-tap innovation insight & opportunities.

However, it’s often safe, and your efforts are more likely to be incremental, as opposed to really shaking up consumer behaviour in a revolutionary new way.

Look outside of your category and be nosey about consumer’s lives. Digging around the occasions they interact with your brands, products and services can often reveal very relevant and competitive insight.

Being open minded to brand tie-ups or partnerships, or using other platforms to deliver your brand experience could give you the brand stretch and competitive edge you’ve been striving for.

Are you ready to walk a day in the life of your consumer’s shoes to uncover these more revolutionary, innovative ideas?