Intelligent Innovations – Tilda Kids

People think that successful innovations involve new technology and major breakthroughs. Often this is not the case. Instead it is just about finding opportunity gaps and making connections that other people can’t see.

One of the main staples in Mum’s kitbag is frozen vegetables – peas, carrots and sweetcorn. Yes, they are quick, healthy and easy but they can also make food interesting and fun for the youngster through the colours and shapes.

4 pouches of Tilda rice for kidsThe Spied Opportunity

Rice is considered to be a natural and healthy foodstuff that is suitable for kids 9 months+. How could you combine the strong desire for veg products from Mums with a convenient rice based product.

What’s Clever?

It is an innovative range extension that has repositioned Tilda to a new target audience. It is not a new product format or structure. Investment would have been minimal so a perfect quick win.

It is a line extension that is clearly positioned as a range for kids and is very differentiated from the parent range. As with all successful innovation; it just makes sense.

Naturalness is key in the credibility of the story. It stops connotations or deeper thought around dehydrated vegetables versus frozen or fresh.