Trends For Food Mash Up And Flavour Clashing

The trend for mashing up foods and clashing flavours together has meant that the UK consumer is becoming more diverse and adventurous in their flavour choices. As a result of this, we’ve seen a lot of interesting flavour combinations in the food world – Eat 17 has launched a Bacon Jam, Twinings has a salted caramel green tea, Tyrrells are launching a butter and mint crisp flavour for the summer and M&S has a rum beer. And these are just a few examples from a vast array.

Unusual flavour foods butter and mint crisps and bacon jam and salted caramel tea

This mixing trend also plays into several other big trends we are seeing. Consumers are looking for experiences, products that amuse, excite or surprise them. They then use them to tell “status stories” on social media etc. The more exciting and surprising your product, the more consumers respond and share it.

Unusual scented toiletries

While the FMCG industry have certainly got in front of other categories, the creative flavours are showing evidence of reaching toiletries with choc mint toothpaste in the US, craft beer shampoo and conditioner and chocolate shampoo being seen on the shelves already.

The latest brand to take advantage of this trend is Carex with their new Fun Editions range of liquid soap, hand gels and wipes. The flavours are strawberry laces, cola bottles, chocolate orange and bubble gum. It certainly adds some interest to a fairly standard category and will very likely create some buzz around the brand.

This flavour trend looks like it’s around to stay for a while so can you afford not to jump on it? Where can your brand take its flavours/ fragrances next?