Nobody Ever Had A Good Idea

People have Idealings, little nubs of ideas; unformed utterings; brief moments of inspiration; a vague notion that something feels right. Once voiced or shared these Idealings come alive – they combine, blend, grow, adapt, morph, give birth to other ideas, some hibernate until they are ready to thrive and some even die of natural causes before they really get going.

Where do Idealings come from?

Seeds. A seed planted in our minds. We find the best variety of seed to grow an Idealing from is a consumer problem.

What is the enemy of Idealings?

Weeds: These are facts, stats, data, analysis and too much early criticism. They stunt the ability of Idealings to grow, change and merge into a useful idea by strangling it before it can morph into something meaningful.

How do you grow Idealings?

Gather your consumer problems

  • Plant them in the minds of some engaged people – your team, your consumers, your partner or friends etc.
  • Water them with input from good creative thinkers – it could be your co-workers, consumers, agencies, consultants, and you!
  • Fertilise them with insight and inspiration – this could be from consumers, trends, R&D or other markets and categories.
  • Shine a light on them by sharing them with internal stakeholders and consumers and encourage them to make suggestions for improvement.

…and together you will produce many Idealings.

So in actual fact, nobody genuinely ever has one idea, but instead they have lots of Idealings. It’s a numbers game – hedge your bets early on in the process by giving many little Idealings space to grow and you may be surprised which Idealing or blend of them thrives and grows into a fully fledged good idea in the end.