Quick Win Line Extension Strategies To Attract New Consumer Segments

The launch of Keep It Kind Kids Deodorant targeted at teenagers really caught our attention here at The Strategy Distillery and provoked some thought about how an existing product can be repositioned or branded to attract a new consumer segment. In this case, a new brand has been created but could Sure or Lynx have done this for example? Have they missed an opportunity?

Quick win NPD or innovation strategies that open your product up to a new consumer segment that you weren’t targeting before tend to involve one or more of these components:

  • Packaging graphics and communication
  • Slight formula changes (e.g. milder, better quality, more masculine, reduced salt etc.)
  • Structural packaging
  • Quantities and portioning 

Here are some examples that might inspire how your brand could tap into some new consumer segments:

Age: Similar to the Fresh Kids deodorant example above, but in this case, a nice stretch to a younger target for the well-loved brand, Tilda.

Tilda Basmati Rice and Tilda Kids Sunshine Vegetable rice

Lifestyle & attitude: Frijj are after a more upmarket target, tapping in to the coffee shop goer.

Frijj Chocolate Milkshake & Coffee Latte

Interests: Lurpak are now appealing to the aspiring cook with their specialist range of cooking fats.

Lurpak Butter and Lurpak Cook's range

Gender: Nads now also have an offer for men, through focusing on their values of comfort and efficacy.

Nads Body Wax Strips For Men & Women

In most cases, it just takes a simple packaging or design change, and maybe a slight change to the formula, or improving the quality to attract a new consumer segment.

However, the product bit is usually the most straightforward in these cases – it’s the product proposition versus the core brand that is absolutely critical to get right. Unfortunately this is the area that tends to get the least investment in time, thinking and general resources as it is thought to be the ‘easy part’… be warned, it’s not!