Strengthen Brand Equity Through Innovation – Pilgrims’ Choice Shows How

Pilgrims’ Choice Crumbles is a great little innovation that brings the brand into a new occasion and consideration set whilst strengthening its brand equity.

As interest in home cooking increases yet consumers find themselves increasingly time poor, Crumbles meets a consumer need to provide a convenient and easy solution to bring excitement and originality to home cooked meals. Who has time to grate or blend breadcrumbs these days and then flavour or season it correctly? The product proposition is very clear with a name and visual that tells you instantly what it is for and when to use it. It sounds crazy but this is one of the main reasons for a new innovation failing – people not knowing what the idea is or when and how to use it!

And this brand extension will help to strengthen brand equity rather than dilute it by building associations with taste, creative flair and flavour expertise. 

Over time this innovation should enable Pilgrims’ Choice to stretch their brand further, potentially into some very exciting places… How about a chilled ready to cook Mature Breadcrumb and Herb Crumbles Coated Chicken Breast or a range of Chilled Pilgrims’ Choice Cheese sauces?