What we do

The Strategy Distillery is a brand innovation consultancy with clients across the globe.
Working both virtually and face-to-face, we help business identify new opportunities and build strong, top-ranking ideas.

Our approach is to turn many established practices on their heads.
We do this by using breakthrough tools and methodologies that bring the consumer into the innovation process much earlier.
This means we can fail early to succeed sooner. The result? Fast and efficient innovation. Every time.

Trend application & opportunity insight image

Trend application & opportunity insight

With four key services, we help clients find new opportunities for their categories and brands. Plus, we can pinpoint potential for serious competitive advantage… and build the blueprints for future success.

Sprints & idea generation image

Sprints & idea generation

Whether with you and your team or with your consumers… our specially-built tools will open up minds and ignite new pathways of thinking – all within tight parameters. They challenge human nature’s dislike of change and overcome people’s tendency to take the path of least resistance.

Idea filtering image

Idea filtering

Challenging ideas are often the best ideas. Our agile approach to idea filtering makes sure these gems are not lost. It also filters out weak or comfortable ‘near in’ ideas that otherwise might get a falsely positive reading. Our tools will also establish the key success factors of an idea much earlier. Which, of course, results in a more efficient path to market.

Concept building & optimisation image

Concept building & optimisation

We have turned the process of generating concepts on its head. So, we work with consumers to create concepts. And to deconstruct failing ideas to help put them right. Our methodology is both iterative and fast. Plus, it establishes a detailed blueprint to ensure the idea has the best possible chance of getting to launch.